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WMC offers custom activity-based workshops for the trained medical professional and first aider. Workshop curriculums vary with the needs of your group and a completion card is given to all participants. Workshops are not recognized as a first aid course but do give one the opportunity to learn or review relevant skills. Our most requested workshop is an all day scenario based workshop where we create lifelike emergency situations and have participants participate in the first aid. One can take several first aid courses in class but there is no substitute for hands on experience. You can customize your workshop, but we also run specialized workshops, including:

Oxygen and Airway Management

All day Scenarios

Spinal Immobilization


Wound Management

Communications and Evacuations

Our Medical Director is also available as a speaker for groups to lecture on various wilderness medicine topics. Inviting a speaker to your event will allow you to choose particular wilderness first aid topics without have to register for an entire course. Dr. John Peachell has years of experience as a professional speaker and instructor and would be an excellent addition at your next conference. If you are interested in a workshop or speaker please contact us.


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