Why Choose Wilderness Medical Consultants

Here are some of the reasons we feel are important when choosing who is going to provide your first aid training:

  • We are a Canadian company. We are based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Our Team has spent most of their lives living, working and playing in Alberta and B.C. We know this area well and train you to deal with real emergencies in the environment you are actually living and working in.
  • We are the only Canadian-based company that has a Medical Doctor as the Director of the company.
  • We offer courses from the introductory level (20 hours) all the way up to the professional level (80 hours). This means you can choose the course that most fits your needs.
  • We offer custom courses. You tell us what YOU want and we make it happen. Since we are a small company we have low administrative and overhead costs. This allows us to offer very competitive rates.
  • We offer courses for Organizations. As an employer, you can contact us to set up a course for you that is convenient and we will set the curriculum to what YOU want us to cover.
  • We aim to keep our class sizes small. This allows students to interact more and we provide more “hands on” instruction.
  • We are members of The Wilderness Medicine Society (WMS) and we keep our curriculum current with any and all advances in the field.
  • Our Instructors are avid climbers, backcountry skiers and mountain bikers. We have a wealth of personal experience in the wilderness setting.
  • We have the best instructor to student ratio of all wilderness first aid companies. The maximum number of students per instructor is 8, but typically less.
  • Please contact us if you would like to speak to someone who has taken one of our courses.