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wmc - wilderness medical consultantsCanada West Wilderness Medical Consultants Ltd. (WMC) is a Canadian company based out of North Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer comprehensive training and certification in Wilderness first aid for everyone from the beginner to the medical professional. WMC programs are intensive and students will participate in a challenging academic program augmented by realistic scenarios complete with simulated injuries. Our courses are offered throughout the Yukon, Alberta and BC, as well as custom courses in other regions of Canada. We are the only Canadian-based wilderness first aid company that has a physician as the Medical Director.

We are pleased to announce that as of February 6, 2012 the operations of Wilderness Medical Consultants (WMC) have been fully transferred to Canada West Mountain School. Canada West Mountain School has been a valued partner with WMC since our inception in 2009 and will be building on the highly successful wilderness first aid training programs that WMC has developed over the years.

Dr. John Peachell will continue as the Medical Director and advisor for WMC to ensure a seamless transition. Rest assured the company will continue to operate in the same manner, running the same courses and offering the same detailed curriculum developed by Dr. John Peachell. WMC Wilderness First Aid certificates will remain valid until their expiry date at which time students may re-certify with WMC.

wmc - wilderness medical consultants


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