Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose WMC for my wilderness first aid training?
We feel that we offer an excellent first aid program that will give you credible  certification that will be accepted by all employers. We are also a Canadian company and the only Canadian-based company that has a medical doctor as the Director & Lead Instructor. (Please see Why Choose WMC)

How do I decide which course to take?
This depends a lot on personal factors such as time available, your budget, etc. If you want to have an understanding of wilderness first aid and don’t have a lot of time then you might want to consider our Introductory Wilderness First Aid course. If you need wilderness first aid for employment then it is wise to check with your employer as many require the 80 hour Wilderness First Responder course.

How long is my certification valid?
Your CPR certificate must be renewed annually. Wilderness first aid courses are valid for three years.

Can I take your WFR recert course if I have an 80hr Wilderness First Aid course with another company?
Yes. We will accept most 80hr Wilderness First Aid certificates from other Wilderness First Aid providers.

Do I get a certification card at the end of the course? Who will I be certified by?
You will get two cards at the end of the course. One card is issued by the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation (CPR certification) and the second card is issued by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute for the wilderness first aid portion of the course.

Are there any pre-requisites to take a WMC course?
No. Just show up willing to learn!

How do I register for a course?
The easiest way is to sign up online using our secure server. You can also Contact Us and sign up over the phone.

What is covered in my course fees?
Your course fees cover all instruction, supplies, equipment, handouts and student manuals or textbook.

What is not covered by my course fees?
We do not cover travel to/from the course or costs related to staying at a course location (examples include lodging, meals, etc.)

What is a typical day like in the course?
Courses usually start at 0800 each day. We often cover lecture material and presentations in the mornings and spend the afternoons outside in simulations and scenarios. The first part of the course has more theory and as the course progresses we spend more time in scenarios and “hands on” exercise. We usually wrap up the day between 1700 and 1800. Evenings are free to do what you like, but most people spend this time getting some exercise and studying.

What is the exam like in the course?
The exam day (the last day for the Advanced, WFR, recert and Bridge courses) consists of a multiple choice exam as well as a practical exam (scenarios) and a CPR exam.

What do I need to bring to the course?
You need to bring comfortable clothes for the classroom sessions as well as warm and waterproof clothing for the outdoor sessions. We will be outside for a large portion of the course so you need to dress appropriately. This depends a lot on which time of the year you are taking the course. You should also bring lunch each day, plenty of snacks and a notebook and pencils. You should also bring a backpack to keep everything in, including first aid supplies that we will give you during the course. If you have a first aid kit of your own please feel free to bring it.

What do you recommend for travel arrangements to and from the course?
Since the course starts early on the first day and may go late on the last day we would recommend you arrive at the course location the day before the first day and plan to leave the day after the last day.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please review our Cancellation, Booking and Refund Policy page.

What happens if I do not pass a course?
Most people will pass their course if they work hard and pay attention in class. Should you not pass a portion of the course then we would discuss with you options for retesting at another time. In most circumstances you would not be required to repeat the course only the exam.

Can I audit a course?
We will sometimes allow auditing of one of our courses. Please contact us if this is something you are interested in. Note that you would not receive any certification for auditing and participation in the “hands on” portions of the course will likely be limited to ensure that the paying students have adequate access to equipment and supplies.

What if my employer does not accept the training I received from WMC?
This would be highly unlikely since we offer excellent training and the certification you receive is from highly reputable organizations. However, should your employer have concerns then we would first talk to them on your behalf. If there is still a concern then we would refund you the cost of the course.

If your questions are not adequately answered on our website or in the above, please feel free to Contact Us.